• 09/2017: Kimberlie has received the award from 2017 MSU Undergraduate Scholars Program (USP), congratulations!


  • 08/2017: Abaye Abeye and Fasil Worku joined the WOW lab, welcome!


  • 04/2017:Guta is awarded the WaterSmart Innovations Conference student scholarship, congratulations!


  • 04/20/17: Accelerated Climate Model for Energy (ACME) and Community Earth System Model (CESM) have been configured to run on our local cluster, Hyalite. This creates earth system modeling access to our research group and collaborators. 


  • 03/23/17: A research that extended modeling capability of Model for Scale Adaptive River Transport (MOSART) was published on Geoscientific Model Development. In this research a module that is capable of modeling the impact of floodplain inundation is added (MOSART-Inundation). This module provides an advanced approach in surface hydrology modeling by accounting for channel and floodplain interactions in determining streamflow and river stage. 


  • 01/19/17: Our lab has welcomed Guta Abeshu from Ethiopia. Guta will be pursuing a Ph.D. in Watershed Hydrology. Given his deep background in water resources and environmental studies, he will focus on global water availability under multiple anthropogenic influences, especially reservoirs.


  • 01/19/17: Our visiting scholar Wenhua (Violet) has returned back to Tsinghua University after a successful stay with our research group.


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